Dear visitor, my name is Thibaud Bourdeau and this is my personal page. On this page you will find various project I did during the last 5 years, most of which are at least related to the video game industry. I am a French engineer in computer science with a specialization on multimedia: 3D and video game development.

Some of the content you will find might need to install the Unity web player to work on your browser, don't worry it is nothing dangerous, checkout the Unity website if you want more informations.

Animated Resume

This is my up-to-date resume I made with Unity:

Game of Gods

This game is a team catch the flag game where the character are only controlled by Artificial intelligence and the player only guides its team to victory using god cards slightly affecting the game (like attack speed bonuses, slow of a random enemy and so on...).

Choose your side and helps the Aliens or the Robots to take over the world on 3 different maps using your gods powers. One small advice though, using gods power does not have only positive impact, because your followers may become zealots and lose you the game.

This game has been made by Jean-Baptiste Delhommeau, Guillaume Simon, Guillaume Vandeneeckhoutte, and myself.

No download currently available, sorry.

Amumu's Escape

This game is a 3D puzzle platform game for PC where you need to get out of a pyramid. As Riot game's Amumu, you wake up on your birthday at the top of the pyramid and needs to go all the way down 7 levels to get your birthday cake. The path might not be just a piece of it though.

This is a fan made game about Amumu, Riot game is the owner of the character. This game is totally free and I don't intend to distribute it outsite of a personal scale.

This game was made for Oculus Rift but the version available is just for PC. This game was made in Uchimura's Laboratory at Kumamoto University in order to test a C.A.V.E and the Oculus Rift. Special thanks to Keiichi Uchimura, head of this department, and Shodai Hirata who helped me in various phases of the game.

Mario Kart Wii website

As a player from one of the top French Mario Kart Wii team, I made a website to centralize a lot of very useful data about the game, from time trial strategies, to tips to detect cheaters during races. This website is in French, sorry for the non speaker.